grey mouse with black earsTrying to figure out how to get rid of mice? Look no further! Often considered the most prominent pest group in the world, rodents are also high on the list of many people's fears. If you spot even just one rat or mouse in your home, it could indicate more than one rodent is present, but don't worry — that's where Wildlife X Team® Tulsa can help. If you aren't sure how to remove a rat from your attic or if you're unsure what the best way to catch a mouse in your house is, that's where we can help! We have years of experience with trapping rodents and, most importantly, repairing rodent damage and preventing future rodent issues. Call 918.800.4793 today for professional Tulsa rodent control today!

Rodent Problems

Despite their innocuously small appearance, rodents can do a lot of damage to landscapes and buildings on your property. Some of the more common rodent complaints are as follows:

  • Large amounts of droppings in various locations
  • Scratching noises from rodents in the attic or walls
  • Ripped and gnawed-open food containers
  • Grease marks along walls and doors

Rodent Removal

Rodents are generally unsavory creatures to have large amounts of, especially near your family. Rodents frequent unhygienic places like dumpsters and therefore carry many deadly diseases and can be hosts to parasites. It is important not to handle rodents or their waste unless you are trained. Instead, you should call Wildlife X Team® Tulsa at 918.800.4793 before the problem gets out of hand.