opossumWe offer humane opposum animal control. Opossums have a bad reputation, mostly due to their unhygienic and grimy appearance. They are actually one of nature's most unsung heroes in the food chain, often eating thousands of ticks per week. Nonetheless, opossums are not a critter you want near your family, as they can be aggressive and are carriers of dangerous diseases. We can help you trap the opossum in your yard or under your deck. For opossum removal and trapping, call 918.800.4793 today!

Common Opossum Problems

  • Presence inside barns and outbuildings
  • Attacking pets and livestock
  • Food seeking behaviors under decks or patios
  • Transmitting of diseases to both humans and pets


Opossums are not meant to interact with humans or pets because of the ticks/parasites and their disease-spreading capability. Diseases like leptospirosis and toxoplasmosis can be fatal. Don't worry — we offer worry-free opossum removal and trapping. Getting rid of opposums in your backyard is one of our specialties. We can also repair any opossum damage. We can get rid of opossums in your Tulsa yard. Call 918.800.4793 today!